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Dioptase Druzy Necklace

$ 145.00
This pendant features the rare and precious dioptase from Congo. This specimen has beautiful crystals that make up part of it's alluring, druzy surface. It's sparkle and vivid color is truly captivating and completely natural. The dioptase is suspended by sterling silver wire with diamond cut faceting. The pendant measures 20mm in width and has a length of 34mm, which includes the silver bail. It slides around a sterling silver, cube Saturn chain with accents of green onyx beads. Chain length is 16" adjustable up to 18". 

Dioptase is a fragile stone. Please read my policy page on my mineral collection for care instructions. 

History and Metaphysical Properties:

Late in the 18th century copper miners in the Ural Mountains in Kazakhstan thought they had discovered a huge emerald deposit in the Altyn-Tube mine in Karagandy. It was determined to not be emerald because of its hardness level which was a 5 where as emerald is an 8. They had found chrome dioptase. In 1797 the distinguished French mineralogist Fr. René Just Haüy (1743-1822) determined that the enigmatic green mineral from Kazakhstan was new to science, and he named it dioptase, based on the mineral's two cleavage directions. Dioptase is a hydrous copper silicate and is found in Chile, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Peru, Russia, Arizona in the USA, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Dioptase promotes living in the present moment and helps give one direction. It supports a positive attitude to life and instills the ability to tune into your own resources. It can also be a mental cleanser and releases the need to control others. It can act as a bridge to emotional healing, by dissolving grief, betrayal and sorrow. Its an effective stone for healing heartache and the pain of abandonment.

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