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Annick Designs

Large Quartz Faceted Step Cut Pendant

$ 132.00
This necklace features a captivating piece of quartz that has been uniquely cut and faceted. If you are looking for a crystal to journey through, this is the one. I could get lost starring into its depth and landscape of inclusions. It's quite mesmerizing. Unfortunately, the pictures do not truly capture it's beauty and fulfilling energy. Decoratively wrapped with a diamond cut, sterling silver wire, this chunk of quartz measures 30mm in width and has a length of 50mm (almost 2"), which includes the silver bail. It's a very deep stone literally and figuratively. In this listing you may choose to purchase just the pendant or add the chain shown in the pictures. This is a diamond cut, bar, satellite chain with a length of 29 1/4". I put this piece on a long chain not only for its size and weight, but also because it lays the best this way due to the pointed back and the way it has been cut.

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