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Apatite Opal Hill Tribe Silver Bracelet

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This bracelet displays a faceted nugget of apatite which measures 6mm x 10mm. It's framed by Ethiopian opals and more apatite with accents of bali silver beads. The bracelet is finished with hand faceted, Hill tribe silver beads from Thailand. Karen Hill Tribe silver has a higher silver content than sterling silver, being 99% pure silver, therefore doesn't tarnish as easily as sterling silver. All of the beads are strung onto nylon coated stainless steel wire for maximum durability. This bracelet is a size 7 1/4".

Please note, extra care is required for this bracelet due to the opals. You want to avoid getting the opals wet and putting into any liquid, chemical cleaner. Use a polishing cloth to clean the silver if needed.

History and Metaphysical Properties:

Blue Apatite:
A phosphate mineral, Apatite is often mistaken for other minerals. Its name is derived from the Greek word απατείν (apatein), which means to deceive or to be misleading. One of the few minerals produced and used by biological micro-environmental systems, Apatite is the defining mineral for 5 on the Mohs scale. This stone opens the throat chakra. It enhances communication in groups and encourages public speaking. A stone of manifestation, blue apatite activates one’s psychic abilities and strengthens intuition, past life recall, astral travel and lucid dreaming. It brings inner peace and clarity, sense of purpose and inspiration.

Ethiopian Opal:
Ethiopian Opal is a form of white precious opal, a hydrated silica mineral whose formations diffract light to produce rainbow colors within the base. It is known as the “Crystal of Joy,” allowing for the amplication of emotional energy. It will help shield against negativity and facilitate emotional balance. This crystal will help you to hone your communication skills and strengthen bonds within relationships.



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