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Bismuth Cuff Bracelet

$ 105.00
This sterling silver, cuff bracelet features the fascinating element, bismuth. This unique piece was grown in a lab in Germany. It has a nice gradient of yellow, green to blue color. This semi precious metal measures 1 1/4” x 1 1/2” and has a height of 1” and is securely trapped by sterling silver wire with a twisted texture. The cuff can be shaped to the wrist for a snug fit. One must be careful with this bracelet to not drop it on a hard surface because bismuth is a fragile mineral and can break or chip.

Peru is one of the world's major sources for this native element. Natural crystals of bismuth are extremely rare. This particular piece was grown in a laboratory in Germany. This mineral is actually classified as a semi-precious, semi-metal. Scarce as silver and heavier than lead, one cubic foot of bismuth would weigh over 600 lbs. It is used in both medicine and cosmetics as well as inks, paints and free-machining steels. Bismuth crystals may have many uses but they must be appreciated for their natural and colorful beauty as well. They are quite fascinating in the way that they've grown. Through a rainbow spectrum of color, you will see formations resembling steps of a staircase or a miniature, Mayan pyramid.

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