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Amethyst Druzy Peridot Pendant

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Found in its natural state, February's birthstone sparkles with a druzy surface, revealing dark, purple crystals. This cut druzy of amethyst is wrapped in sterling silver wire with a faceted texture. A gem of peridot accents the top of the stone.
This pendant measures 1" in width and 1 1/2" in length, which includes the silver bail. In this listing you may choose to purchase the pendant alone or add the chain shown in the pictures. The chain is a sterling silver, adjustable, snake chain with a slider. This feature allows you to adjust the chain to any length up to 28".

History and Metaphysical Properties: 

Amethyst: This form of quartz was named from the Greek word “amethystus,” meaning “not intoxicated.” According to ancient Romans, amethyst helps one to overcome addictions, particularly alcoholism by reducing withdrawal symptoms. It also enhances mental and emotional stability. Brings understanding to death and rebirth by healing one’s grief. And it’s been known to be beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues.

Peridot: Peridot is a magnesium iron silicate who’s color is derived from the presence of iron, and can be found in Pakistan, Brazil, Australia and the USA. This stone increases prosperity and helps in creating abundance and inspiring generosity. They are considered little green nuggets of positive power, facilitating a sense of inner warmth, worthiness and happiness. It is also used as a tool to bring one’s inner truth into alignment with the physical reality plane, quieting spiritual fears and past guilt or regret to allow financial and spiritual abundance. Physically, Peridot is ally in the endeavor to cease smoking, and supports the heart and circulatory system.



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