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Amethyst Druzy Blue Topaz Necklace

$ 110.00
Found in its natural state, February's birthstone sparkles with a druzy surface, revealing dark, purple crystals. This cut druzy of amethyst is from Uruguay, where most of the finest amethyst is mined. They are known for their exceptionally dark crystals. This fine specimen is suspended by sterling silver wire with a twisted texture. It swirls about an emerald cut gem of blue topaz at the top of the stone. The pendant measures 20mm in width, 15mm in thickness and 35mm in length, which includes the silver bail. The pendant slides around a sterling silver, cube, satellite chain with a length of 21". Amethyst beads accent the ends of the chain near the clasp.

Metaphysical Properties:

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification.
It is a form of quartz, named from the Greek word "amethystus," meaning "not intoxicated." Subsequently, Amethyst is a stone that helps one to give up addictions and bad habits. Amethyst helps one to still their thoughts and access higher states of consciousness. It serves as an energetic shield, clearing one of negative influences and attachments. It enhances emotional and mental stability. Amethyst may also help facilitate an understanding of death and rebirth, helping to heal grief. It is also been known to be beneficial when dealing with legal or money issues.

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