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Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant with Herkimer Diamond

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This piece features a large shard of black tourmaline. Wire wrapped in a gold filled wire, this precious stone is accented with a Herkimer Diamond. The pendant measures 15mm x 40mm, which includes the gold bail. In this listing you may choose to purchase only the pendant or add the chain shown in the pictures. This is a gold filled, rolo chain with a length of 18".

Metaphysical Properties:

Black Tourmaline acts like an etheric vacuum cleaner, clearing oneself and one’s surroundings of negativity and disharmony. It cleanses the auric and etheric field, and is a strong purifier and protector. It not only helps dispel negative and toxic emotions, but also assists in dispelling toxins in the body. Black Tourmaline is found in primarily Brazil, China, Pakistan, Africa, and the US.

Herkimer Diamond is called the "stone of attunement". While it is not actually diamond, it is a quartz that often resembles the sparkling clarity of diamonds. It is said to assist with balance on the mental, emotional and physical levels. It can be used effectively to clear and open any chakra. It is professed to relieve tension and thereby promote peace of mind. Psychically, it's useful for auric cleansing and dream recall. Physically it can be used to heal addictions and remove toxins.



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