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Green Tourmaline Quartz Chunk Necklace

$ 90.00

This necklace features a rough piece of white quartz, host to green tourmaline crystals. The stone is wrapped with a sterling silver wire with a twisted texture. It twists around a faceted gem of more tormaline. This unique specimen measures 18mm in width, 16mm in thickness and has a length of 1 1/2", which includes the silver bail. In this listing you may choose to purchase the pendant alone or add the chain shown in the pictures. This is a sterling silver wheat chain with a length of 18". 

The “purest” of all quartzes, crystals are used more frequently today for healing and diagnosis than any other stone. In ancient times healers used them to render negative energy impotent and to diagnose the origin of disease. Because quartz transmits heat it is cool to touch and crystal was originally believed (by the Greeks) to have been ice that had lost its ability to melt.

Green Tourmaline:
Also known as Verdelite, green tourmaline brings a joy for life. It promotes an appreciation for the many wonders that life has to offer. It encourages patience and openess, as well as sincere interest in fellow human beings. It has a masculine energy and connects us to the plant kingdom. It also inspires creativity, attracts success, prosperity and abundance and it has been used for weight loss.

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