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Hemimorphite Druzy Pendant with Mother of Pearl Flower

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This pendant features a striking specimen of hemimorphite from China. Hemimorphite is a sorosilicate. The crystal structure produces a different termination at each end of the crystal. Only a few other minerals show a hemimorphic character such as tourmaline, but none show it as well as hemimorphite. This piece has a soothing, turquoise blue color with a lovely druzy surface that glistens in the light. It's suspended by sterling silver wire with a twisted texture. A carved flower in mother of pearl accents the top of the pendant. The pendant measures 27mm x 55mm, which includes the silver bail. In this listing you may choose to purchase the pendant alone or add the chain shown in the pictures. This is a sterling silver, wheat chain with a length of 18" adjustable up to 20".

Metaphysical Properties: Hemimorphite is an empathy stone. Blue Hemimorphite aids in communication of inner feelings toward healing unhealthy or damaged relationships. It is also used to encourage compassion, develop the ability to connect with the 'other side' and angelic beings, increase psychic or vision abilities, develop inner strength and excellent for energy in completing projects through to the end. Healers use this stone to relieve PMS, achieve balance during hormonal-related headaches and other maladies, weight loss and ulcer conditions.



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