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Pietersite Sterling Silver Necklace with Aquamarine, Citrine and Blue Topaz

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Like an abstract painting, this interesting stone displays wonderful patterns of color and texture within its surface, yet remains smooth to the touch. It carries a striking shimmer and chatoyancy similar to the characteristics of tiger eye. Golden/yellow and shades of blue are the predominant colors that come through on this lovely piece. This pietersite stone is is detailed with citrine, aquamarine, and blue topaz. The pendant measures 32mm in width and 88mm (about 3 1/2") in length. It slides around a sterling silver, snake chain that is adjustable with a slider. This feature allows you to wear the necklace at any length up to 28".

History and Metaphysical Properties:

Pietersite was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 while he was prospecting some farmland in Namibia, Africa. After his discovery, he registered the find in the mineral records of Britain. His discovery was published in 1964, and the material was named pietersite. Currently there are only two known sources of pietersite; China and Africa.



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