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Annick Designs

Seymchan Meteorite Gold Wrap Necklace

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This unique necklace features a piece of a meteorite from the village of Seymchan in Russia. This cut piece of meteorite is classified as an octahedrite, which reveals unique etchings on its surface, known as widmanstatten pattern, a characteristic this iron meteorite is known for. I chose to wrap this piece in gold wire for an elegant contrast to the meteorite's "gun metal" color. The wire is 14 karat, gold filled with tiny, cut facets to create a shimmery texture. The pendant measures 18mm wide and 41mm in length, which includes the gold bail. The pendant slides around a double chain of gold filled and oxidized, sterling silver in two different textures. The chain length is 18 3/4". Hematite beads accent the ends of the chain near its clasp.



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