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Herkimer Diamond Hopper Crystal Ring

$ 85.00
This ring features a Herkimer diamond crystal. This is a genuine Herkimer, from Herkimer county, N.Y. This piece has nice clarity with a shine. What is so unique and interesting about this particular Herkimer is that it's known as a "elestial" crystal or a Hopper crystal, which is not as common as the normal Herkimer diamond. This type of crystal shows step-like patterns that mimic the edges and faces of the crystal. The processes that produced them are connected to supersaturated fluids, an important part of the history of Herkimer diamonds. 

This genuine and natural crystal measures 15mm x 20mm. It sits in a sterling silver, prong setting and is a size 7. 

Herkimer Diamond: This form of quartz is a double terminated crystal, with two naturally faceted ends. It is a rarer form of crystal as it forms free-floating in pockets of clay, rather than on one side of a stone. This form of quartz from China is called a double terminated quartz, those found in New York, near Herkimer county are known as Herkimer diamonds. They resemble rough, natural diamonds and that is how they got their name. They tend to be highly sought-after, as those who believe in the power of crystals claim that energy can flow in both directions through a double terminated crystal, and this is what makes them ideal for healing.

Metaphysically, Herkimer diamonds are known as the "stone of attunement." It is said to assist with balance on the mental, emotional and physical levels. It can be used to clear and open any chakra. It relieves tension and thereby promotes peace of mind. It's been used for auric cleansing and dream recall. Physically, it has also been used to heal addictions and remove toxins.

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