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Annick Designs

Lemon Quartz Crystal Point Necklace

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This necklace features a cut crystal point of dreamy, lemon quartz with natural inclusions that give this piece its unique character. This variety of citrine is top grade quality with a lot of clarity and brilliant shine. It measures 12.5mm x 16mm x 36mm. The crystal slides around a sterling silver, diamond cut, satellite chain with a length of 18 3/4".

Metaphysical Properties:
Spiritual properties of Lemon quartz are from its yellow color which symbolizes optimism, well being and creativity. It helps in performing deep meditation and enhancing wearer’s focus on goals. It makes the mind clean and clear with a bright and sharp outlook which helps in the future. It enables control on negative thoughts and makes life free from any anxieties making the wearer stress-free.



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