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Rainbow Moonstone Moon Gem Necklace with Kyanite and Emerald

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This piece features a unique cut of rainbow moonstone of superb quality. It reveals intense flashes of blue throughout its surface. It's accented with a cluster of precious, Colombian emeralds and gem quality kyanite. A sterling silver moon encrusted with cubic zirconia adds a mystical touch to this exquisite pendant. It measures 22mm in width and 40mm in length. It slides around a sterling silver, wheat chain with a length of 18" adjustable up to 20". A bead of rainbow moonstone accents the end of the extension chain.

History and Metaphysical Properties:

Rainbow Moonstone: Moonstone is deeply connected with Feminine energy, and Rainbow Moonstone intensifies feminine Goddess energy. For women, this stone assists with recognizing and embracing your innate personal power. For men, it aids in creating an emotional balance. Overall the stone enhances feelings and encourages heartfelt resolve.

Kyanite: Mostly mined in India, this stone can be the sparkle in a necklace or be part of a spark plug in an engine. This makes it an important mineral used in the glass industry and heat resistant ceramics. Its name comes from the Greek word kyanos, meaning “blue.” Kyanite is the stone of channeling, altered states, dream recall and visualizations. It also increases intuition and insight. Activates a greater psychic ability and helps one to understand the lessons in life and to learn more from our teachers. Aids in creative expressions such as art, dance and writing.



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