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Rhodochrosite Opal Cage Necklace

$ 132.00

This necklace features a cage pendant design. Trapped inside are crystals of rhodochrosite and rough, Ethiopian opal. The pendant measures 8mm in width and has a length of 32mm. It slides around a sterling silver, diamond cut, satellite chain with a length of 18".

Ethiopian Opal is a form of white precious opal, a hydrated silica mineral whose formations diffract light to produce rainbow colors within the base. It is known as the “Crystal of Joy,” allowing for the amplication of emotional energy. It will help shield against negativity and facilitate emotional balance. This crystal will help you to hone your communication skills and strengthen bonds within relationships.

Rhodochrosite: "Stone of Love and Balance" It’s color is caused by the presence of manganese. It  commonly grows in stalagmites in Argentina. It became a very popular stone during the 1930’s. It Encourages comfort, friendship and kindness. Its healing properties are good for stomach and eye problems and works well with the liver and against cancer.

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