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Annick Designs

Star Ruby Ring

$ 55.00

This ring features a natural, genuine star ruby. Look closely and you will see a star inside the stone as the light hits it. The star is created when tiny fibers of rutile, also known as “silk,” have light reflected off of them in such a way that a star shape is formed. The ruby measures 1/2" in diameter. It sits in a bezel setting surrounded by decorative sterling silver details. This ring is a size 9. 

This is not one of my creations. This ring is part of an imported line of rings that I carry in my Brick and Mortar store. Therefore, I do not resize these and I can only guarantee them up to 30 days after purchase. 

July's birthstone, Ruby is a red Corundum, one of the 4 precious stones. All other colors of corundum are known as sapphire. It’s the “Stone of Nobility.” It stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings a sense of power to the wearer, a self-confidence and determination that overcomes timidity and propels one toward prosperity and achievement.

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