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I listen to what the stone tells me to do

I started designing jewelry as a young child and found myself completely obsessed with treasure and fascinated by rocks and crystals. My sister, cousin and I started with beads and enjoyed making jewelry as a hobby together. While they pursued other career paths, I continued to make jewelry and began to sell my pieces in high school, then in college. While still attending school, I officially started my business in 1995 as Annick Designs. I finished college with a Bachelor's degree in writing and art studio with a concentration in photography from SUNY Potsdam. Although, I was determined to make a career in photography, my long time, self taught skills of jewelry design allowed for more artistic expression without the sacrifice of a paycheck. I sold my work through the show circuit for 15 years, full time. I then opened my brick and mortar store in downtown Troy, New York in 2012.

Although, my designs continue to evolve, my main interest lies with the stones that I use in the jewelry. When I wrap a stone, it's not about the wire wrapping, it's about the stone. I simply listen to what it tells me to do. I also do some lapidary work and will cut and polish my own stones by hand. This allows me to work with many minerals that most jewelers don't have access to or pay a very high price for to put into their jewelry. I'm always on the look out for that rare, one of a kind mineral that most people have never heard of. Finding these treasures can often be my favorite step to my process, and parting with them can be the hardest part, as I become attached to many of my pieces.