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Annick Designs

Amazonite CZ Hexagon Drop Silver Necklace

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This delicate necklace displays a fine piece of amazonite cut into a hexagonal cut. Wrapped in sterling silver, a cubic zirconia charm accents the top of the stone. The pendant measures 12.5mm in width and 19mm in length. It slides around a diamond cut, sterling silver, satellite chain with a length of 18".

History and Metaphysical Properties:

It’s name is derived from the Amazon river area in Brazil. Amazonite is the stone of harmony within the self and among other people. It’s a truth teller and peacemaker, assisting in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings without too much emotion. It’s a magnifier of our intentions and works with the throat chakra, affirming one’s desires, enhancing the ability to bring them into being. It can aid in meditation, enhances intuition, psychic powers, creativity and intellect. It also helps to relieve stress and builds self-esteem.



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