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Charoite Quartz Pendant

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This is an amazing piece of charoite. It's filled with pearlescent swirls of abstract design on both sides and has a smooth, polished surface. This rare, Siberian mineral is suspended in a sterling silver, sparkle wire which swirls about a double terminated quartz crystal at the top. The pendant measures 15mm in width and 35mm in length which includes the silver bail. In this listing you may choose to purchase the pendant alone or add the chain shown in the pictures. This is a sterling silver, rope chain with a length of 16" adjustable up to 18".

History and Metaphysical Properties:

Charoite is a rare mineral, found in only one location - along the Chary River at Aldan in Russia. This part of Russia is known for its forbidding climate and terrain and as a traditional place of exile for political prisoners.
Why charoite has not been found in other locations is not fully understood. But it is probably due to a combination of a chemically unique limestone reacting with a chemically unique intrusion and subjected to unique physical conditions. Though reportedly discovered in the 1940s, it was not known to the outside world until its description in 1978. It is said to be opaque and unattractive when found in the field, a fact that may have contributed to its late recognition.

Metaphysically, Charoite transmutes negativity and cleanses the aura. It facilitates the release of fear and dissolution of negative energies encountered in the process of aligning with your soul's purpose. Charoite can be used to overcome obsessions and compulsions. It grounds the spiritual self, opening and balancing the crown chakra. Charoite has been used to regulate blood pressure and to assist with deep sleep and powerful dreams.



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