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Blue Calcite Onyx Cloud

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Blue Calcite, also known as Blue Onyx

This piece is polished into the shape of a cloud. Great display piece for the collector. Comes with the metal stand. Please note that you will not receive the exact one shown in the pictures but will receive one almost identical and of equal quality. Please allow for variations in the stone. 

Origin: Argentina

Dimensions: 4 3/4" x  3 1/4" x 1/2" (thickness)

History and Metaphysical Properties:

This form of Calcite is one of the most soothing stones to the emotional body. It protects one from the bombardment of other people’s thoughts and emotional energies. It stimulates one’s access to inspiration, and opens up the inner avenue for conscious exploration of the unconscious realms. It also enhances the vividness and symbolic content of one’s dreams, and helps to recall and integrate them.



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