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Annick Designs

Yellow Apatite Brass Moon Ring

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This ring features a beautiful crystal of yellow apatite. The inclusions inside the crystal creates a wonderful shimmer and flecks of rainbows that can be observed from different angles. The crystal measures 19mm x 11mm and has a height of 11mm from the base of the ring shank. The band is made out of raw brass which has a hammered texture. Because it's raw brass with no plating, the metal can tarnish over time, but can also be polished much like silver with a polishing cloth. This ring is adjustable in size, but fits best at sizes 6-10.

History and Metaphysical Properties:

Yellow Apatite has a positive, high vibration. It is associated with prosperity, abundance and optimism. Yellow Apatite is helpful for those looking to manifest and identify their true desires, bringing people closer to getting what they want. It can help you to release old blockages, encouraging you to become your highest and most authentic self.



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